Rural Microcredit (RMC) Program

Rural Microcredit (RMC) Program A program designed to provide start-up financing to the rural economic unit.

Created for rural households engaged in micro level income generating activities with net capital of BDT 15,000- BDT 20,000 invested in the income generating activity. Targeting the betterment of the poor, untapped and underserved, SUPPORT provides affordable small loans under its Rural Micro Credit (RMC) Program. This program provides start-up financing to expand income generating activities of individuals who, need loans under more flexible installment terms unlike conventional bank loans but, lack the financial preparedness and collateral required to apply for formal bank loans. The program targets rural households or individuals capable of expanding and operating sustainable, income generating businesses that cause no harm to the society or environment.


The RMC program provides a loan of BDT 50, 000 (maximum), for a period of one year. At present, each of SUPPORT’s branches disburses credit under this program and will be continue to do so in the future as well.